2 Goldleaf mantra bracelets; classic thickness

Goldleaf Mantra bracelets 

These Goldleaf bracelts from Girl named Sue are made from a tube that is filled with goldleaf and closed with a mantra. They find there origin in Asian temples where the bracelets are blessed by the buddhist monks, a golden ring (bracelet) symbolises entless love and unity. This is also the reason why these bracelets are being used as a gift to loved ones and friends. They are flexible, lightweight and water resistant, look fantastic on a tanned skin, but will also give a sunny touch to your winter look.

Available in two sizes 1= S/M  2= L/Xl

What size do you need? Because of the fact that these bracelets are flexible you can work with a smaler size than you normally use. The best thing to do is to add a few cm to  the size off your wrist for the perfect fit. The bracelets will give in when you put them on. Ideal is to put them under hot running water to create more flexability before you put them on. 

Size 1 = 17cm   size 2= 19cm



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2 Goldleaf mantra bracelets; classic thickness