2 Silverleaf mantra bracelets; CLASSIC THICKNESS.

These mantra bracelets are filled with silver leaf, this is the silver variation off the goldleaf. They are closed with a mantra and blessed in the temple. Silver is a young metal , that's why this silver variant is symbolising youth.

The silver leaf has been sprinkled into the flexible tube off the bracelet.

They are water resistant and the silver will age very nice in time, so the longer you'll where it the better it will look.




Other details that make these bracelets extra special :

  • They are made from a light weight transparent tube and don't make noise. So no matter how many you put on your wrist, you'll never here them.
  • They're flexible , that's why you can make them fit your wrist and they look sealed arround it.
  • You can wear them at any situation, sea , sauna, zwimmingpool, when you go through customs, and they won't botter you during sleeping because they are made off soft material. There is no need to take then off ever again.
  • The silverleaf is inside the tube so it won't rub off but unly gets nicer while wearing them.
  • Tip for extra easy fit : Put them under hot running water before putting them on.
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2 Silverleaf mantra bracelets; CLASSIC THICKNESS.