Love to shoot love silver charms,


The concept of the "Love to Shoot Love "silver charms came up when I made a birthday gift for my dear friend Marieke. It was a silver gun charm on a silk string, part of the giftwraping was a little round wooden box. I wanted to underline that this gift was made with love so I wrote all arround the top of the box "love to shoot love to shoot love to shoot" starting and ending with "love".

When she opened it up all the friends that where there shouted "how cool...where did you buy it ?...I'd like to get one too"! That's when I knew this was a beautiful concept all by itself, the name was already there, and to complete it I added the cowgirl logo and started producing all the charms that where in it :

a gun, a star, a hart and a hat....and I would love you TO SHOOT LOVE too!